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Randy Blue

Randy Blue

This website appears to have been added to a domain portfolio that is being monetized by a pay per click parking program. The domain owner receives revenue from the traffic generated to their domains when users click on the paid listings.Randy Blue is one of the most well-known and well-loved gay megasites. The site features photos and videos of solo guys and man-on-man hardcore sex. The models are diverse, featuring white guys, black guys, Asians, and Latin lovers. What they all have in common is a chiseled body and the big bulge in their pants. This site is updated every week with new photos and videos that are exclusive to the site and can't be found anywhere else. In addition to the photo and video content, you will also find a variety of gay erotic stories, essays, articles, and interviews. Along with your membership to this site, you will also get bonus access to two additional sites.


Kenny Cross with a Toy
Kenny Cross is almost too beautiful for words. From his adorable boy next door face, to his bubble butt, he's got it all. Nice, tight muscles, smooth tan skin, and a dick to die for. He was just in last month for a circle jerk, and did an amazing job. But while we were shooting that I kept thinking about Kenny's first video. He was so hot, dry humping the sofa and fingering his hole, it made me think about some other things I wanted to see him try. I asked if he'd be interested in doing a toy video and he was all for it. He's very dedicated and will do what it takes to do a good job. So I started him off easy, with a small plug that would loosen him up nicely. After a while he was ready for the big guns. I pulled out a nice sized lifelike dildo, complete with balls, and handed it over. He looked at it for a second and then was ready to go. He did an excellent job. I love the look on the face of someone using a dildo for the first time. There's this incredible range of emotions one goes through, from the uncertainty of the sensations, to an uncomfortable furrowing of the eyebrows, to the eventual moan of pleasure as they give into the feeling and realize how much pleasure it's giving them. And Kenny goes through them all, the whole time stroking that enormous cock of his. Watching Kenny Cross jack off is like watching a snake charmer wrestle with an Anaconda. This thing is huge. He then puts all his attention back on the dildo, planting it firmly on his seat and lowering himself on it, impaling himself over and over on the rigid toy. He obviously liked it because when he came he shot a nice hearty load all over that smooth chest of his.

Levi Green Returns
Okay, I have to admit it. I have this fantasy about having a hot guy come to my house to paint my garage and end up having wild crazy sex with him. I don't know where it comes from, Maybe some movie I saw or an erotic story I've read, but it' been an interest of mine for some time now. And one reason I love my job so much is that if there's something I want to see being done by a hot guy, I can just make it happen. Levi Green did such an excellent job in his last video, and he's got that sort of tough guy look that I just love, so we played out a little scenario of him coming over to paint and getting a little sidetracked. He's looking good and his body is better than ever. His smooth torso features a set of pecs you could eat dinner off of, leading down to nicely defined six-pack. His arms are just the right size, definition without being overly muscled. And the sexiest pair of legs. He's really athletic and it shows. He keeps active and his love of sports, not to mention hours at the gym, keep Levi in excellent shape. He must also excersize that muscle between his legs pretty often because it's big, thick and meaty, and the way he works it you can tell he knows how to make himself feel good. One thing that I really love about Levi is his far flying cumshot. I had hoped that he could live up to his last video and he sure as hell didn't disappoint! I worry about anyone who might want to blow him, he's likely to put an eye out! I had thought about having him paint the whole garage before actually jacking off, but decided that he would probably be too tired to get it up then. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to hire an actual handyman. Hmmm, maybe he'll pick up on Levi's vibe and my fantasy will really come true.

Christopher Ashlee's First Toy
I have been looking forward to having Christopher Ashlee on the site since his exciting debut last month. He is such a handsome guy with a smile that just makes you melt. I love his well chiseled body and the fact that he knows how to show it off. I remember how sexy he looked in his last video, the way he runs his hands over each body part, like he's taking you on a first hand guided tour of the most intimate parts of his body. So this time I wanted to see what he could do with a toy. I gave him a really cool glass dildo, not too big, just right for a first time. He totally loved it and couldn't wait to try it out. He had a lot of fun on the last shoot so this time around he knew a little better what to expect. And once the cameras started rolling he just went with it, allowing himself to just feel good and sexy, thinking about all the hot, horny guys who would be looking at him. He gently runs that toy all over his body, feeling the smoothness of it against his skin, the coolness of the glass warm and it started to heat up with the touch of his body. Then, rubbing it against his puckering hole, teasing himself just a bit, getting ready for the invasion. Then sliding it in, shallow at first just to get the feel of it, then thrusting deeper and deeper once the sensations started to overtake him. You can see the look on his face how much he's enjoying himself. It almost makes you want to grab your favorite toy and join him. In fact, why don't you?

Meet Evan Grey
Evan Grey is a hot muscle boy who attends college in Wisconsin. His milky white skin helps bring out out his gorgeous blue eyes. Yes, it was the eyes I noticed first but, when he took off his shirt my pants began to tighten fast. His body is broad and ripped- it is all I can do to keep myself from licking his abs over and over again. He has never done a jack off video before but, as he put "Why not get paid for something I already do all the time." I think that is a very smart way to look at things. He has a very shy smile but, you can clearly see a little devil in him- It's like he is constantly thinking all the dirty things he wants to do to me... Okay, I may be fantasizing a little but, Evan is one big walking fantasy anyway. He walked into the shoot wearing shirt that reads RIDE ME and I am more than happy to oblige. Oh but, it's all work and no play for me so, I video taped him stroking his fat cock instead. You can tell that he loved showing his body and his cock off to the camera. Knowing that thousands of people will be watching him jerk it turned him on so much. That thought fueled the explosive cumshot the ended the video.

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