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Alpha Males

Alpha Males

Alpha Males is the new creation of Mike Esser and he promises you that his young Auzzie guys are fresh, hot and captured in great quality movies. You can view some trailers on the tour where you’ll get a tempting glimpse of the superb quality and beautiful bodies of these 18 to 20 year old hunks from down under. This is a new and original DVD store that delivers hard copies direct to your door.


Twisted Web
Well guys Twisted Web is in the can and being edited tight now. It looks awesome!!! Here's the blurb.... A chain of desire based around Sydney's metropolitan gay scene featuring a group of guys whose sex lives become entangled in a tangled web of lust. Sound good dunnit!

In this city everyone seems to be sexually linked to everyone else and the guys in Twisted web are no exception... as lovers, fuck buddies and friends all end up in this slice-of-life sexcapade.

Starring Alphamales superstars Rick Chester and Kristian Winter, international gay porn superstar Martin Mazza, hot newcomers Hung Joey (the name speaks for itself), Nick Ford, Jarrod and Billy Bong... and the twink with a huge dick, Mitch Milano, makes a welcome return. Metroploitan in look and slickly filmed in the heart of Sydney - Twisted Web moves away from Alphamales cute twinky cast to feature a cast of hot young spunks. Packed with deceit, intrigue, amazing locations and most importantly hots guys and amazing sex...

Here's the story... Rick's going off for an orgy weekend with his mate Kristian - the only trouble is their boyfriends think they're going surfing. But they don't care, they have other plans! Before they've even left home Kristian's slutty boyfriend, Joey, has already made plans to meet up with Rick's boyfriend, Nick. Meanwhile Jarrod, Kristians's flatmate answers the door to the spunky new Spanish neighbour Martin... who wants a little more than a cup of sugar! The next day down at the beach house an orgy explodes as the buddies, Bill, Mitch, Rick and Kristian get engrossed in a full on fuckfest with the two youngest lads getting fucked senseless.

That night Martin tries his luck again for a cup of sugar, only to find it's Joey that answers the door... again he gets no sugar - just a lot of cock. Much to Joey's surprise Kristian gets home early to find the two hot spunks naked and improving international relations and Martin gets a double dose of Aussie spunk!

Boys From Oz
What a great start to the year its been for Alphamales. After the release of Pacific Root to some rave reviews we filmed The Boys From Oz in sunny Palm Beach. Some of you probably know it as Summer Bay from Australian soap Home and Away.

This film was always going to turn out to be the most amazing of the year, due to our fantastic cast. We brought back four of the Alphamales best, Rick Chester, who is getting better and better each time we film him. Wait till you see the abs on this boy now. He looks so fantastic we just had to spread him all over the cover. Andy Stone returned, this is the best you would have seen him, he gave a great performance. Aussie porn favourite Kristen Winters playsboy friend to Jake Harvey from Pacific Root and they both sizzle on the screen in every scene. Rounding out the cast were Melbourne boys Spikee, one of the cutest little boys who just wants to be slammed (and he does), and Jeremy Klein. The last boy was from Sydney, Jayden Cox who gets pretty ruff with Andy and Rick.

This film had a lot going on behind the scenes so we had to make sure there was a camera running to capture things most people don't see on set. The behind the scenes footage was so good we decided to put it in the extras as a 20 minute feature. Some f its funny, some interesting, and some very hot action. The reviewers definitely agreed with us that it was the best of the year- we got some fantastic responses.

That brings us to December and our final shoot of the year. We decide to introduce a few new lads with a mix of some of the favourites. Kristian Winters and Jake Harvey (who evidentially play boyfriends again), Marc Amon from Auzziebums and cute little Spikee all returned for 'Unfaithful'. The title of this one says it all. The hot couples all tempted to be unfaithful to each other on a weekend away down the beach. The object of all their affections was a young hot life guard who we found on the beaches of the Gold Coast, Aiden Burrows. Completing the cast was Mark from Sydney, who turned out to be a real little screamer and Jimmy, a sexy French boy in Sydney on holidays. 'Unfaithful' is due for release in May.

So that brings us to the New Year. Being Sydney-siders we felt it only fitting to dedicate the first film of the year to our beloved city and its resident spunks and visitors. This one's provisionally titled "Twisted Web" and is pretty damn awesome. We've almost finished shooting it and it's looking amazing. So here we are just with 2 scenes of "Twisted Web" to film and you have your June release.

Yes to. It's definitely going to be an amazing year for Alphamales. We have some amazing boys lined up ready to join our favourites on screen for some hot, Aussie action in 2007.

We're editing our October release, "Pacific Root" as this is being written - and boy does it look spectacular - not only are the boys hot, but the location is absolutely fabulous. We took seven guys with us to this awesome beach house in a small village just off The Pacific Coast Highway. Going on location to film is always a laugh - and as the location is also out home for 5 days - we make sure it's spectacular - this was no exception.

Five of the guys were porn virgins - so this'll be the first time you've seen them. Andy Stone and Rick Chester were so awesome in Auzziebums, we just had to bring them back.

As with all our films, casting was detailed and extensive. If we were going to be spending 5 days away, the guys not only had to be cute but fun and easy to live with. First up we found Jake - from Melbourne. He's tall, toned and so very handsome. When I first started talking to him I wasn't sure how interested he was in filming and his interest seemed to wain pretty quickly. This was a shame as he was very much the "Alphamales type". Then a few weeks later, out of the blue, he resurfaced with a renewed interest. Yippee the production team thought and promptly dispatched producer Jett off to cast him. Well Jett was impressed - raving about his gorgeous smile and great dick. In the run up to the shoot I chatted to him on MSN most days - he was very exited about the shoot and with him being a part time dj we had a passion for music to explore. One down - four to go.

Mitch had been sitting on my MSN list for a while - he was another whose interest came and went and came again. Mitch is only 19 and is a bundle of energy. He's always chatting, dashing round or just wanting sex. He actually worked at my gym and I had noticed his cheeky face when I worked out. So when he applied online is was a bit of a coincidence and even more so that my boyfriend had rooted him (that's Auzzie for fuck) in the deep distant past. The boyfriend raved about what a hot little number he was, what a huge dick he had on him and when a good bottom he was. So there he was, instantly cast. Just goes to show that in the porn world you can be auditioned and not know it (so remember that with any new shag). Two down and three to go.

When Ted, sent in his pictures to us, the team were instantly turned on by this very straight looking, footy player type - especially in his AFL gear. He wasn't a pretty boy at all… a bit rough around the edges - but hot, handsome and with an awesome bod. He was going to be perfect as the script called for the lead characters "best mate" who was supposed to be very straight to help sort him out. We were all looking forward to filming this spunky lad - no doubt about that. Three down...

I'd been chatting to Ivo for a while both on Gaydar and MSN. He works in graphic design in Melbourne and had been fascinated by porn for years. He liked the look of out work and we liked the look of him - and his big, upwardly bending Portuguese cock. He was another who just fit into the script as we were looking for a hot Latin lover to play the overseas love interest. One to go!

Now casting is both fun and nightmarish. The cast list you start of with changes daily and bares no resemblance to what you finish with. This is especially true in Australia - a country with a small population and without the quantity of seasoned porn stars the USS and Europe has. Nearly all of our guys are first timers - which I prefer as they haven't been jaded by the industry and are genuinely keen and excited.

So, the script called for a big butch young uncle for the lead character - so when a spectacularly hot German guy walked in for a casting, I was shocked to find myself totally intimidated by this amazing specimen of masculinity. Physically awesome at 6ft 3 (and built), devastatingly handsome and so not my type (I like em young and boy-next-door) - I was shocked to find myself sliding down the fucking scale from being a "top" - thru "versatile" and ending up as his lady (well in my head anyway). So there we were - fully cast - or so we thought.

But... The world never stops turning and things invariably change. And it did - the shoot fell slap bang in the middle of when our uber butch German was going to be away. We were devastated as one of the models from a previous shoot had hooked up with the muscle-mound off Gaydar and gave him a glowing reference.

Jake to the rescue.!!! His ex boyfriend was mid 30's, hot and wanted to have sex with lots of cute young guys. Perfect for our needs. It turned out that our big butch uncle just loved being fucked senseless by cute young guys - and he even found his way into scenes he wasn't planned for - just what we love, a commitment to work!

So there we were, fully cast with 4 guys from Melbourne, one from Sydney and one from the Central Coast. (What is it with Sydney boys now wanting to do porn as much as the guys from Melbourne?)

On arriving at the beach house - everyone was impressed and the flight for the bedrooms started.

After we'd filmed the first scene it became obvious that the script was getting in the way of the film. Why the hell run with a storyline through when both the boys and location were way hot and they all fancied each other. The sex was going to be great and we chose to focus on that. So the script was ripped up - never to be looked at again. We let the boys choose their partners for their scenes - this turned into a bunfight as they all basically wanted to do each other - but compromises were reached. And because of all this sexual tension and mutual appreciation the final scene just became a orgy - starting in the master bedroom and finishing in a walk-in shower with Aaron getting jazzed on by the whole cast.

It was a brilliant shoot and it shows on the film - the chemistry and friendships between the guys really comes across. I'm looking forward to filming the next one in September after a month's holiday in my home-town of London.

By the way, when we were travelling to the location - we still had no name for the project - until we passed a road sign sayng "Pacific Route" - and from that moment on, the had out title!

Mike Esser Alphamales

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